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Introduction: The Global Interface (GI) is your go-to online customer portal for managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting your internet services with GlobalTT. With all the essential information in one place, the GI streamlines management, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

Key Features:

Multi-Platform Compatibility: Access the GI across all devices and operating systems, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

Anytime / Anywhere Accessibility: Enjoy 24/7 access to the GI from anywhere in the world, allowing for seamless management of internet services.

Secure and Private: Hosted at our Teleport in Belgium, the GI offers a secure web platform ensuring the confidentiality of your data. Fully GDPR compliant, your information remains confidential and accessible only to authorized users.

Experience-Driven Advantage: Built on GlobalTT's internal ERP technology, the GI benefits from over 30 years of industry experience, offering a stable and powerful core with unique features.

Advanced Tools and Functionality:

  • Station Viewer: Monitor VSAT modem status, configuration, antenna alignment details, alerts, subscriptions, and usage directly from the GI.

  • Traffic and Bandwidth Analysis: Analyze internet usage by speed, applications, and volume without the need for additional local devices. Gain insights into usage patterns effortlessly.

  • Application Management: Prioritize applications and save bandwidth with advanced traffic management tools. Easily manage usage preferences and optimize network performance.

  • Online Commissioning: Automate satellite modem commissioning locally or remotely, providing flexibility and convenience in installation.

  • Subscription and Add-ons Management: Renew, upgrade, or test subscriptions directly from the GI, with full control over payment preferences and add-ons.

  • Hotspot Creation: Create hotspot access for users, manage vouchers securely, and redirect users to the captive portal at the Teleport.

  • Online Tools: Troubleshoot connections with PING and Network Discovery tools, monitor antenna alignment, and access the Satellite Angle Calculator for site-specific information.

Empower yourself with the Global Interface and take control of your internet management needs with ease. Accessible, secure, and feature-rich, the GI offers comprehensive tools and functionality for seamless internet service management.

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