Satellite Solutions for High Definition Clouding Webcam

Satellite Solutions for High Definition Clouding Webcam

Enhance Surveillance with Smart AI-Webcams

Smart AI-Webcams Features:

  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for indoor or outdoor surveillance applications.
  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with Linux on-board and option for solar panel integration.
  • Day/Night Vision: Capture clear footage in both daylight and low-light conditions.
  • PTZ Functionality: Electronic zooming and pan-tilt-zoom capabilities for enhanced surveillance.
  • Built-in Recording: Record footage directly onto the device with customizable parameters.
  • Satellite-Specific Tuning: Optimized for satellite connectivity with specific tuning and bandwidth options.
  • Intelligent Features: Includes face recognition, people counting, car plate ID reading, and object/animal recognition.
  • Ultra High Definition: Capable of capturing UHD video at 8K or 4K resolution (UHD H265 & H265 HEVC).
  • Long-Range Zooming: Specific equipment available for ultra-long-range zooming beyond 10 Km, associated with satellite connectivity.

Upgrade your surveillance capabilities with Globaltt's satellite solutions featuring smart AI-webcams. Ensure round-the-clock monitoring with advanced features like face recognition and day/night vision. Experience enhanced security with ultra-high definition video capture and satellite-specific tuning options. Discover the power of smart surveillance technology with our AI-webcams today!

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