Wi-Fi Long Range & Satellite Internet

Wi-Fi Long Range & Satellite Internet Solutions

Expand Your Connectivity Reach with Advanced Technology

Advanced Wi-Fi Long Range Base Stations Features:

  • Extended Coverage: Achieve a radio range of up to 1.5 Km with our long-range base stations.
  • Smart Antenna Technology: Utilizes adaptive interference control and antenna beam scanning for optimized connectivity.
  • High-Density User Support: Supports high-density user environments with seamless connectivity.
  • Repeater Included: Extend coverage further with the included repeater for up to 5 Km link in 5.8 GHz.
  • Multi-Beam and Multi-Diversity: Enhance coverage and reliability with multi-beam and multi-diversity capabilities.
  • Super Antenna Diversity: Utilizes signal phase alignment for angular diversity, ensuring robust connectivity.
  • Increased Signal Gain: Benefit from the 8x8 MIMO signal processor for improved uplink and downlink signal gain.
  • Super Coverage: Offers substantially longer ranges and greater coverage, even in challenging conditions.
  • Enhanced Throughput: Achieve five times higher throughput than 3x3 MIMO in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions.
  • Intelligent Throughput Optimization: Ensures efficient Wi-Fi cell efficiency with intelligent throughput optimization.

Upgrade your connectivity with our Wi-Fi long-range base stations equipped with smart antenna technology. Enjoy extended coverage, high-density user support, and enhanced throughput for seamless connectivity in any environment. Experience the power of advanced technology for your connectivity needs.

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