Starlink Satellite Internet Service

LEO Satellite Internet

Starlink High-Speed Satellite Internet Service Worldwide

IPSEOS is an Authorized Starlink Reseller for High-Speed Satellite Internet

We offer Starlink at high-speed satellite internet services to businesses, government agencies, and NGOs. We specialize in
delivering reliable and efficient broadband internet through the latest Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. With IPSEOS Solutions,
you can stay connected from even the most remote locations worldwide, ensuring consistent efficiency and productivity.

What We Offer?​


220-40 Mbps


25-8 Mbps


60-25 ms



Reliable High-Speed Internet for Fixed Satellite Solutions

Keep Your Business Running with Starlink Fixed Satellite Solutions.

Experience seamless business operations with Starlink's resilient high-speed internet. Our constellation ensures a reliable connection, immune to terrestrial outages, with path redundancy through multiple satellites and ground stations, minimizing disruptions. Benefit from our fully managed service for robust connectivity. Enjoy quick deployable broadband via our satellite network, extending connectivity worldwide effortlessly. Starlink Fixed serves as primary enterprise connectivity, replacing 4G and VSAT as a backup solution.

Starlink for Land Mobility

 High-Speed Internet While In-Motion

 Experience uninterrupted high-speed internet with Starlink while in motion. The Flat High Performance Starlink offers enhanced GPS capabilities, ensuring consistent connectivity wherever you are. Designed for permanent installation, it withstands extreme weather conditions like extreme cold, heat, sleet, heavy rain, and hurricane winds.

With end-to-end encryption, Starlink ensures secure communication, making it ideal for travelers, remote workers, and businesses requiring mobile connectivity.

Starlink for Maritime

High-Speed Internet Around the Globe

With the world's largest satellite constellation, Starlink offers unmatched connectivity on Earth's oceans and waterways, including international waters. Starlink for Maritime ensures faster speeds and network priority, prioritizing your data whether at port or on open waters. Protect your data and user traffic confidentiality with end-to-end encryption.

Designed for permanent installation on vessels, Starlink withstands extreme weather conditions. Seamlessly integrate with existing onboard networks via direct ethernet connection or included Wi-Fi router. The Flat High Performance model features an easy-to-install mount for hassle-free setup.

Starlink Transportable

Work and Play at Remote Locations

 Enjoy high-speed internet virtually anywhere worldwide with Starlink. Set up in minutes and easily pack up for your next destination. Pause and resume service at your convenience, with billing in
flexible one-month increments tailored to your travel needs.

For in-motion use, opt for Mobile Priority service plans and the durable Flat High-Performance hardware, perfect for permanent vehicle installation. Starlink's robust design withstands extreme weather conditions, ensuring reliability in all environments.

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