Thuraya WE: Dual-Mode Satellite & LTE Hotspot

Thuraya WE: Connecting Everyone, Everywhere

Empower Your Adventures with Thuraya WE

Thuraya WE is the world’s first dual-mode hotspot, designed to keep you connected no matter where your journey takes you. Switch seamlessly between Satellite and LTE modes with the click of a button. Transform any area into a Wi-Fi hotspot, connecting up to 10 smart devices within a 30m radius. Perfect for camping, traveling, or conducting business abroad.

Key features of Thuraya WE

Thuraya WE is the only hotspot offering dual-mode capability, extending data coverage with both Satellite and LTE broadband services. Easily switch between terrestrial and satellite coverage using a Thuraya SIM for satellite or a GSM SIM for LTE speeds.

Choose your preferred network manually or set up auto-network switching via the web interface or smartphone app. The hotspot will automatically switch networks when you move out of coverage, ensuring continuous connectivity.

The Thuraya WE app turns your smart device into a satellite phone, allowing you to make calls and send SMS messages in satellite mode using your existing contact list.

Access and control the hotspot through a web interface or mobile app compatible with iOS and Android. Easily switch networks, locate satellites, view signal strength, connection status, battery life, system alerts, and data usage.

Create a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere, connecting up to 10 smart devices within a 30m radius. Enjoy internet access for all your devices and applications, ensuring you stay connected.

Weighing only 1kg, Thuraya WE is compact, light, and portable. It offers voice and data connectivity on the go and features an IP54 Ingress Protection Rating, providing protection from dust and water spray to withstand harsh environments.

Stay Connected Everywhere with Thuraya WE

Thuraya’s reliable satellite network ensures uninterrupted connectivity across Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Use a Thuraya SIM or a GSM SIM from any of Thuraya’s data roaming partners worldwide. In GSM mode, the hotspot supports LTE frequencies globally. No matter where your adventures take you, Thuraya WE provides constant, reliable connectivity in even the most remote locations.

Thuraya WE Technical Specifications

Experience the freedom of always-on connectivity with Thuraya WE, the world’s first dual-mode hotspot designed for seamless transitions between Satellite and LTE networks. Stay connected, wherever you go.

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