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Maritime FleetOne: Affordable Satellite Communication Solutions

Stay Connected Worldwide with Inmarsat FleetOne and FleetBroadBand

Maritime FleetOne offers low data rate satellite communication and phone services, providing reliable connectivity for vessels worldwide. With Inmarsat's FleetOne and FleetBroadBand solutions, stay connected at sea with affordable airtime prices and reliable coverage.

FleetOne: Affordable Broadband Solution Designed for the leisure and fishing markets, Inmarsat FleetOne provides affordable broadband satellite communication. With max speeds of 100kbps and a dedicated phone line, FleetOne ensures reliable connectivity for leisure and fishing vessels. Enjoy the power of the Inmarsat network within a large "home zone" at affordable airtime prices.

FleetBroadBand: High-Speed Connectivity for Larger Vessels For bigger vessels or those requiring worldwide connectivity and higher data throughput, Inmarsat FleetBroadBand offers a range of solutions:

  • Sailor FB150: 150 kbps + phone (budget +/- $5800)
  • Sailor FB250: 284 kbps + phone (budget +/- $7900)
  • Sailor FB500: 432 kbps + phone (budget +/- $14900)
  • Sailor FleetOne: 100 kbps + phone (budget +/- $3500)

Conclusion: Inmarsat's Maritime FleetOne and FleetBroadBand solutions cater to the diverse communication needs of maritime vessels. Whether for leisure, fishing, or larger vessels requiring high-speed connectivity, stay connected globally with reliable coverage and affordable airtime prices. Explore Inmarsat's satellite communication solutions for maritime fleets today.

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