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iridium PTT


The power of GLOBAL PUSH-TO-TALK, On Your Hand

Iridium Extreme® Push-to-Talk makes the power of fast, simple, and secure group communication available on the toughest push-to-talk enabled satellite phone on the market – all at the push of a button.


Simplifies Global Communications

Thanks to the new Iridium PTT, You have new equipment similar to a “Motorola”: a talkie-walkie who’s covering the regions you define in instant vocals messages, ( push, talk, listen ) as a simple “Two Way Radio “ but the relays or repeaters are the Iridium satellites. This same device is also a satellite telephone (if activated )

Your smartphone will work anywhere on the planet.

This one is also ( If activated ) a” tracker” and brings/shows in a map your position, speed, and direction … finally the same device also has the capacity ( If activated ) to send an SOS with your position.

We have already furnished more than a hundred NGOs in Western Africa.

Making Mobile Connectivity

Kymeta’s flat-panel satellite antenna and connectivity services provide revolutionary mobile connectivity on both satellite and satellite-cellular hybrid networks to customers around the world.

Empowering Connectivity

Easy installation procedures

Fast. Simple. Global

Push-to-talk as it was meant to be.


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