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Reliable C-Band VSAT Satellite Internet Services in Africa

High-Speed Connectivity with Unlimited Volume and Flexible Speed Options

Access reliable C-band VSAT satellite internet services in Africa directly from our gateway/teleport in Brussels. Choose between shared access (4:1) or full dedicated access (1:1) with unlimited volume, regulated by Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Enjoy flexible download speeds from 768 Kbps up to 50 Mbps and upload speeds from 384 Kbps up to 25 Mbps.


Included in your subscription :

  •  Double (2x) speed in download during the evening, night and Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Real-time Visualization of Graphs and Protocols with High Precision
  •  Self-Activation/Self-Commissioning 24/7/365
  • Guest users’ access with defined roles
  •  Subscription management : renewal, upgrade, new commitment, ...
  • Free trial of higher subscriptions.
  •  Applications Manager : 6 Main Categories ( Productivity, Web, File Transfer, Social, Network and Entertainment.)

Options available:

  •  On-demand bandwidth accelerator (upto 30Mbps depending on modem)
  •  Public IP
  •  Internet port forwarding
  •  VPN (remote and Gateway to gateway)
  •  Cloud VOIP, Cloud Email, Cloud webcam
  •  check our Added Values for more upgrades

Boost your speeds for a short period of time (5 minutes up to 4 hours) with speeds up to 10.5 Mbps (5Mbps minimum) in download and 1 Mbps in upload.
- per 5 minutes : 3 €
- per 1 hour : 29 €

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