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Ka-GlobalTT: Reliable Ka-band VSAT Satellite Internet Services in Africa

Experience High-Speed and Affordable Internet Connectivity Anywhere in Africa

Discover Ka-GlobalTT, the cutting-edge Ka-band VSAT satellite internet service tailored for Home and Business users across Africa. Benefit from uninterrupted high-speed internet connectivity with cost-effective plans and exceptional service.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes GlobalTT satellite Ka-band for superior performance
  • Enjoy high-speed and low-cost internet access with coverage across Africa
  • Easy installation with small satellite dish options (74 cm, 98 cm, or 1.2m)
  • Accessible technical support and customer care through our extensive reseller and partner network
  • Added Value Services: Dual speed off-peak time, shared and dedicated capacity, booster options, temporary upgrades, and more
  • Flexible Pricing: All prices are ex-works/ex-install/ex-local tax, ensuring transparency and affordability

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