Public IP option

Unlock Enhanced Connectivity with Public IP Option

Elevate Your Network with Public IP Addressing

Enhance your network capabilities with our Public IP option, designed to optimize your connectivity and streamline your online experience. Say goodbye to Private IP addresses and welcome the benefits of static IPs for improved LAN integration.

Key Features:

Seamless Transition: Upgrade from Private IP to Public IP seamlessly and unlock a host of benefits for your network infrastructure. Enjoy enhanced connectivity and improved accessibility with our Public IP option.

Static IP Addresses: With the Public IP option, you'll receive the first 4 static IP addresses, ensuring consistent and reliable connections for your LAN. Experience stability and seamless integration across your network devices.

Flexible Expansion: Need additional IP addresses? With GlobalTT's approval, you can access up to 4 extra Public IP addresses to accommodate your growing network requirements. Expand your network capabilities and support more devices with ease.

Improved Accessibility: Public IP addresses offer enhanced accessibility, making it easier to connect to your network from external locations. Whether for remote access, hosting services, or other applications, Public IP addresses ensure optimal connectivity.

Upgrade to the Public IP option and elevate your network connectivity to new heights. Enjoy static IP addresses for seamless LAN integration, improved accessibility, and flexible expansion options. Experience enhanced connectivity and streamline your online experience with our Public IP solution.

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