Access List

Access List: Control Internet Access with Precision

Authorize Internet Access for Specific Users and Applications

GlobalTT offers an innovative solution for managing internet access with precision through the Access List feature. Whether you need to restrict access for certain users or limit usage to specific applications, this option provides the flexibility and control you need.

Key Features:

Customized Access Restrictions: The Access List feature allows you to impose customized restrictions on internet access, empowering you to tailor usage according to your specific requirements.

Port-Based Limitations: Authorize internet access based on specific ports, ensuring that only designated services or applications are permitted to communicate over the network.

Scheduled Access Control: Set access schedules to define specific days and hours during which users can utilize the internet, optimizing resource allocation and promoting productivity.

Application-Level Filtering: Restrict access to particular applications or services, allowing you to manage bandwidth usage and prioritize critical activities effectively.

Example Scenarios:

  • Limit access to essential services such as SMTP and HTTPS, ensuring that vital communication channels remain accessible.
  • Specify designated IP addresses or websites that users can access, safeguarding against unauthorized browsing and maintaining security protocols.
  • Restrict internet usage to specific applications relevant to business operations, preventing non-essential software from consuming network resources.

Conclusion: Experience enhanced control over internet access with GlobalTT's Access List feature. Whether you need to enforce port-based limitations, schedule access periods, or filter applications, this solution provides the versatility and granularity required to manage internet usage effectively. Take advantage of customizable access restrictions to align network usage with your organization's objectives and priorities.

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