Satellite Virtual Network Operator

Satellite Virtual Network Operator (SVNO): Empower Your Business

Resell Satellite Services with Ease

Explore the Satellite Virtual Network Operator (SVNO) program by, designed exclusively for active resellers seeking to expand their business in the satellite services industry.

Key Features:

Reseller Empowerment: With the SVNO program, resellers gain access to a web interface hosted by GlobalTT, enabling them to operate as satellite operators and manage their clients' broadband and internet consumption effectively.

Remote Ground Station Control: Resellers can remotely control GlobalTT's ground stations, offering flexibility and convenience in managing satellite services for their clients.

Free Access: Joining the SVNO program requires no investment, providing resellers with free access to the platform and its comprehensive suite of tools and features.

White-Label Solution: Resellers can brand the platform under their name, with all logos and branding reflecting their label, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for their clients.

Plug and Play Modems: Enjoy hassle-free setup with fully configured plug-and-play modems, eliminating the need for manual configurations and streamlining deployment processes.

Prepaid Subscription Management: Efficiently manage prepaid subscriptions for clients, facilitating seamless billing and subscription renewals.

Monitoring and Debugging Tools: Access powerful monitoring and debugging tools to ensure optimal performance and troubleshoot any issues promptly, enhancing the overall service quality.

Conclusion: Join the Satellite Virtual Network Operator program and unlock new opportunities to grow your business as a satellite services reseller. Benefit from remote control capabilities, free access, white-label solutions, and advanced management tools to offer superior broadband services to your clients under your brand.

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