Start/Stop Anytime

Start/Stop Anytime: Flexible Satellite Connectivity Solutions

Tailored Connectivity for On-Demand Needs

GlobalTT provides flexible satellite connectivity solutions designed for users who require on-demand access without the commitment of 24/7 connectivity. With our Start/Stop Anytime option, users can activate services for specific periods and stop them as needed.

Key Features:

Tailored Access: Access satellite connectivity for your station on your terms with our Start/Stop Anytime option. Enjoy the flexibility to activate services for 24 hours initially and extend them in convenient 6-hour blocks as required.

On-Demand Connectivity: Start and stop services anytime to align with your operational needs. Whether you require connectivity for specific projects, events, or temporary deployments, our flexible solution allows you to pay only for the duration of use.

Cost-Effective: Optimize your satellite connectivity costs by paying only for the time you use. With our Start/Stop Anytime option, you can minimize expenses associated with continuous connectivity while still benefiting from reliable satellite services.

Convenient Activation: Activate services quickly and easily with our streamlined process. Enjoy hassle-free access to satellite connectivity on T11n and T12v, allowing you to stay connected whenever and wherever you need it.

Conclusion: GlobalTT's Start/Stop Anytime option offers tailored satellite connectivity solutions for users who require on-demand access. With flexible activation, convenient pay-as-you-go billing, and reliable service on T11n and T12v satellites, you can optimize connectivity to meet your specific needs without unnecessary commitments.

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