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Satellite Internet Services & Solutions...

Satellite Internet Services & Solutions  all Over Africa, Middle East, Europe, Southern America, all over the seas, Deserts & Oceans. Simple and Complex Satellite Internet Solutions. . .

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Helps you to establish a Satellite Internet Services & Solutions

Satellite Internet Services & Solutions

Developing Flexible satellite solutions that helps your business in rural not connected areas, because it enables us to offer a high quality service, fast reaction, a good flexibility, and specific solution when necessary to all our corporate clients.


Up to 50 Mbps Satellite Data IP Connectivity features and Services

Global Satellite Coverage

We cover all Africa, Middle East, Europe, Southern America, even seas and Oceans!

Flexible Satellite Solutions

Because 100% of the operations occur in-house, We offer Flexible Satellite Solutions

Satellite Internet Services & Solutions

Features that helps you to contact us frequently

Flexible Solutions

We continuously develop new solutions and services to meet all our client’s requirements. As a result advanced secure communication will be provided from our side

Reliable Coverage

We cover all part of the world and mainly focusing on Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Secure Private Communication

Our operations and teleports are based on Europe, As a result all the systems are highly secure to protect our client data.

24 X 7 Customer Service

Firstly we serve all our customers equally 24x7 hours and 365 days with the help of our brilliant customer support teams and Technical Engineers

IPSEOS Satellite Internet Services & Solutions from our Teleports
IPSEOS Satellite Internet Services & Solutions C-band

Secure Satellite -Teleport Connections

Offering very secure data travel between your source and destination through our satellite teleports and satellite. The encrypted data can only be visible by you and your receiver only, because we are providing a secure internet connection from Europe. Also we are offering Secure VPN connections through satellite and your VSAT Stations. 

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Satellite Internet Services & Solutions

Satellite | Coverages

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Satellite Internet Services and Solutions