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Boosts performance – advanced smart antenna technology that is part of WiFi base station family and boosts the performance of any standard WiFi client Smart signal processing – The smart antenna technology processes the signal in real time and forms and focuses a high-gain beam toward the WiFi client

Super antenna diversity – employs a signal phase alignment to obtain angular diversity – based on its 8-antenna array and its multiple independent radios


Better link budget – The powerful 8-antenna array also empowers the 8×8 MIMO signal processer that is part of Altai’s base stations, providing further signal gain in both the uplink and downlink

Super coverage – Smart antenna technology gives standard WiFi clients much longer ranges, larger area coverage, and the best indoor penetration

Super capacity – 8×8 MIMO technology provides 5 times the median throughput than the standard 3×3 MIMO in complicated NLOS environments Super efficiency – AirFi improves WiFi cell efficiency with smart WiFi-based throughput optimization by a factor of 2, even with a large number of concurrent connections