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Ku-Band Fixed VSAT iFast

Possibilities to transfer your Data & Voice securely through satellite

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Max 50 Mbps Rx & 25 Mbps Tx

  •  On-demand bandwidth accelerator (up to 50 Mbps depending on the modem)
  •  Public IP
  •  Internet port forwarding
  •  VPN (remote and Gateway to gateway)
  •  Cloud VOIP, Cloud Email, Cloud webcam

Satellite Ku-Band

Star satellite internet connectivity

  • Free Online Monitoring
  • Your connection is 2X faster in off-peak time 
  • High-quality Satellite Dish (90 cm,1.2 m, & 2.4 m)
  • High speed iFAST modems.
  • Speed up to 50 Mbps

Full Globe Satellite Coverages

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