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VSAT Fixed Satellite Internet from Ka-Band

VSAT Fixed Satellite Internet from Ka-Band

Up to 50 Mbps Satellite Internet From Ka-BAND

  •  Dual speed off-peak time
  •  Shared and dedicated capacity
  •  Booster
  •  Temporary upgrade
  •  Multiple Vsat for one company
  •  Free test for upgrade evaluation

74 cm or 98 cm even 1.2m for super high efficient link

Ka-Band VSAT Connectivity over Africa will be a high-performance satellite broadband service for Home and Business users (SOHO & SME) for Africa.

VSAT Fixed Satellite Internet from Ka-Band

Trustable satellite Internet Connectivity

Customers can experience seamless, high-speed, and affordable Internet connectivity in any location within the coverage area. The Ka-GlobalTT service guarantees a genuinely economical broadband solution, facilitated by a user-friendly modem and a compact satellite dish that can be effortlessly installed.

  •  Load balancing and failover between our Ku and C-band mixed with the Ka-band for 100% satellite availability.
  • Shared 4:1 & Dedicated 1:1 95% SLA Operation on multi-spot beam

  • Weather sensitive operation.
HT-2000 Modem

Up to 25 Users

  • HT-2000 50 Mbps/ 6 Mbps
  • Next-generation satellite terminal featuring support for wideband DVB-S2X forward channel.
  • delivering the industry’s best efficiency

Full Globe Satellite Coverages

Supported with in-country technical, operational and customer care based on our reseller and partner network all over Africa.

” Only for S&Sa Subscription “

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