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VSAT Maritime Solutions

VSAT Maritime Solutions offer superior tracking performance and can be configured for broadband, SCPC, or hybrid satellite networks

Maritime Antenna

Featuring a compact size and lightweight design, the v60 is a 60cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna and v90 is the same but a bigegr for a higher capacity. This system is ideal for vessels with space constraints. With its 3-axis stabilization platform, the they offer superior tracking performance and can be configured for broadband, SCPC or hybrid satellite networks

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  • Internet satellite on board (sea)
  • Ku-Band, Ka-Band & C-Band
  • Up to 10 Mbps receive
  • Up to 512 Kbpos transmit
  • Usually Ku-Band with a 60cm & C-Band with a 1.8m or 2.4m
  • Permanently tracks the satellite
  • Operate under any of our Ku-Band, Ka-Band or C-Band satellite coverage T11nThor7Inmarsat , T12VThor10S1,
     Thor10S2 , Worldwide KU )

VSAT Maritime Solutions

60cm  and 90 cm Marine stabilized communications antenna system

The v60  & v90 can be configured for SCPC, TDMA or hybrid broadband satellite networks. It is suitable for high-speed Internet, weather & chart updates, email, file and image transfer, video conference, VoIP, VPNs and database backup.

The v60G & v90 supplies BUC power using the TX signal cable directly from the ACU, reducing the number of antenna cables to run, while maintaining superior signal linearity and avoiding common problems associated with signal stacking into one cable.

The v60 & v90 incorporates Intellian’s patented Global PLL LNBs supporting an unlimited number of LO frequencies, both cross-pol and co-pol feeds and offers BUC options from 4W to 16W. This is an ideal system for vessels that require a small mounting footprint, as well as simple installation, ease of operation and reliable remote maintenance accessibility.

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