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for private TV or Radio

How it Works

Satellite Video Contribution

Satellite TV or DTH (direct to home)

  • You want to have your TV content and TV programs available in Africa or Middle-East or MENA region or Europe
  • We can make it for you
    • Your TV content will be transmitted by satellite
    • Your TV content will be received by the millions of existing small private dishes on the ground (DTH)

We offer a DTH coverage offer all Africa as a main footprint;


  • Video for the home user using a 60cm to a 90 cm low-cost parabolic antenna
  • All transmit out of Brussels our GlobalTT teleport
  • One TV channel or multiple TV channels in SD or HD or even 4K
  • On an existing bouquet or not

High-bandwidth satellitre & terrestrial networks, using optical fiber up to the access points, or microwave links are the solutions for sending your data to us for video contribution. New tools to secure the stream integrity are now available to carry the video over the public network requiring only good access points, thanks to the fast deployment of the IP access network on the main urban areas.

Growing efficiency for satellite modems using DVB-S2 extensions or other IP-VSAT technologies offer new ModCods and packet optimization.
The growing efficiency of the video compression systems: from MPEG2, then H264 to the emerging HEVC/H265 and other proprietary formats.

It is important to consider all criteria to deploy or upgrade video contribution or distribution networks, in order to reach the best availability with cost optimization.

GlobalTT solution and approach :

We analyze and offer optimized solutions answering to each situation using satellite or terrestrial.
Satellite video contribution:

Video uplink solutions using the right encoding and modulation schemes
Transmit and receive Vsat  stations dedicated to multi-satellite applications (IP, Video, etc…)
Carrier management with dynamic bandwidth allocation to carry Video over IP through VSAT network. Terrestrial video Contribution:

High added-value solutions for each video contribution solution and network we offer the following
End-to-end video contribution  and transmit from our site in DTH over Africa Europe, North America, or Asia
Video monitoring and quality monitoring.