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VSAT Wi-Fi Hotspot


Connect smartphones, Laptops, and gadgets through a satellite-based WIFI Hotspot system.

VSAT - Hotspot Solutions

Introduces Cloud based VSAT WIFI-hotspot service

We help to make your location covered with a WI-FI hotspot. WIFI Hotspot equipment is suitable in any type of environment like coffee shops, hotels, big compounds, mining sites, UN camps, farm Airports or schools, or universities.

We can make it live with different types and models of our WIFI devices.

* Small Shops
* Hotels
* Industries
* University
* ISPs

Very low Investment, Steady Connectivity, Advanced Security, Guaranteed Reliability, Responsive Support

what is

VSAT - Hotspot Solutions

Profitable, High Performance, Ease of Use,
Two (2) Different Services access:

1. Instant Messages
2. Full Internet Access