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VSAT Vehicle IP Solutions

Mobile self-pointing antenna system


VSAT Vehicle IP Helps you to Move

The 1.2m antenna on the vehicle operates in Ku-Band and therefore can work on either T11n, W6, IS-10,  As each satellite requires different settings, to go from one satellite to another requires some adjustments.

One(1) button, auto-pointing controller acquires our  Ku-band or C-band  satellite within 2 minutes

Link done with our Brussels Teleport

  • One-Piece offset antenna &feed
  • SMC reflector with a back cover
  • Heavy duty platform for up to 11kg (25 lbs)
  • RF Electronics (LNB & BUC)
  • Works seamlessly with the our three(3) satellite C-band and Ku-band
  • Fully fined tuned and preset to operate using our iFast satellite modem

VSAT Vehicle IP Supports the manual control when required

Locates satellites using the most advanced satellite acquisition methods

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